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Online Tours

Floor plans are hard to read and require a lot of explanation. They help to show the overall layout, but can’t properly demonstrate how a place will look or feel. That’s where our interactive online tours can help. Online Tours by Concept V boosts the sales process by letting you walk customers through each of your properties in a format anyone can understand, while getting a feel for the space and layout of the property.

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Leave a Lasting Impression

During client consults, create sentimental attachment by walking through common routes of day-to-day living. Talk about what you’re doing so your clients see themselves taking that route as if they lived there, serving to both enable them to decide what they don’t like, and to form emotional connections with what they do.

Things such as walking from the bedroom to the kitchen to make breakfast after you’ve just woken up. Doing so positions potential customers to intuitively know whether they can see themselves being happy in that house or not, leading to greater understanding, attachment and confidence in your property.

Results Matter

By supplying our clients with our signature Online Tours, we are able to help optimise and streamlione their sales and marketing process by achieving the below improvements

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More leads when online tours are used with Marketing

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More clicks compared to listings without online tours

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More phone inquiries when listing an online tour

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More email inquiries when listing an online tour

Online Tours For Every Industry

We create our signature online tours for a wide range of property types


Take a tour of 'The Moreton', a stunning residential property


Roam around the 'Distillery Road Market'

Project Homes

Tour this beautiful prject home, 'The Venetian'

Custom Built

Check out this unique Modular property

What's The Process?

1. discovery

either in person or over the phone, we work with you to understand the challenges and objectives you would like to solve.

2. Proposal

We will provide a proposal outlining exactly what we will provide, accompanied by strategy recommendations to get the most out of our service

3. Quote

Once a proposal is accepted, our clients send through files for each of the designs. We can work with any modelling or design program (such as Revit and AutoCad), so you don’t have to change any practices. Any reference images, colour scheme requirements or other design features are sent at this stage.

4. Review

Architecture and layout: Here we show you the building blocks of the tour. This is where you check to make sure you’re happy with how everything is laid out. Materials: Here we provide drafts so you can be sure the materials are to your liking. Tour Layout: Once rendered, we will create a base VTour for you to check out and report on any changes to how the VTour is setup

5. Delivery

Online tours will be provided to you by means of a direct link, and an embed code that can be used to present your VTours on any website. If ordered, video fly through and rendered images will be provided by means of a downloadable folder.

6. Reporting

As part of our subscription, we provide analytics reports on exactly how your tours are used across all users.

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